Can we change capitalism?

Juncture: Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism

Governments, organisations, communities and individuals all over the world are exploring how capitalism can evolve to enhance the well-being of our people and our planet.

Juncture: Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism creates a platform to lead this evolution locally, bringing together the rigorous research, key resources and strategic collaboration opportunities necessary to build momentum and enable long-term transformation.

The first endeavour of its kind in Aotearoa New Zealand, this centre brings our nation’s diverse perspectives and unique insights to the global movement towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Three key pillars—research, education and collaboration—form the foundation of the centre, inspiring and empowering all those committed to driving change within their industries and communities.


The centre focuses on trans-disciplinary, business-relevant research that translates into useful policy inputs and society outputs, thus creating a measurable, real-world impact.


The centre provides an essential platform for collaboration across government, industry, cultures and communities.


The centre offers a carefully curated selection of readily applicable courses and programmes, which range from undergraduate through to executive level.