This centre is a core institution in Aotearoa’s transformation toward a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

What we do

The three key pillars of Juncture: Dialogues on Inclusive Capitalism—research, education and collaboration—inspire and empower all those seeking a new, more inclusive approach to the way they do business, create policy and conduct research. These three pillars are grounded in a distinctively Aotearoa New Zealand context, recognising the unique perspective that Te Ao Māori principles bring to the global transformation underway.

Spotlight on the Corporation and Sustainable Capitalism

In July 2023 the centre co-sponsored a cross-disciplinary conference on “Sustainable Capitalism and the Corporation”. Convened at Monash University’s Prato Centre in Tuscany, Italy, the conference explored key issues such as shareholder engagement and regulatory techniques to promote sustainability. Professor Susan Watson, Dr Billie Lythberg and Dr Lynn Buckley brought valuable insights from the Aotearoa New Zealand experience to this important discussion.


The centre enables and promotes leading transdisciplinary and business-relevant research that contributes to international thought leadership, informs public policy and spearheads the evolution of business practice.

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The centre acts as a vital hub for engagement opportunities such as workshops, conferences and presentations by international speakers. By inviting people into the conversation, the centre enables collaboration, networking and the creation of strategic partnerships, elevating Aotearoa New Zealand on the global stage.

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By providing access to a broad range of readily applicable courses and programmes from undergraduate through to executive level, the centre equips individuals and organisations with the right skills and support to effect change within their space.

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