We have long moved beyond the idea that achieving economic growth at any cost is a worthy ideal.

Our Research

The centre enables and promotes accessible, business-relevant research with the clear purpose of accelerating the evolution of a more inclusive and sustainable society. It facilitates research funding and collaboration while also welcoming both local and international research contributions. The centre’s research focuses on six key themes: Reporting for sustainable business, Economics of well-being, The Future of the Company, Indigenous Economic Futures, Impact Enterprise and Impact Capital, and Inclusive and Sustainable Management and Governance.

Reporting for sustainable business

Are Shareholders Willing to Pay for Financial, Social and Environmental Disclosure? A Choice-based Experiment

Charl de Villiers, Charles H. Cho, Michael J. Turner, Riccardo Scarpa

12 July 2021

Management perspectives on the Covid-19 crisis: Lessons from New Zealand

Edited by Kenneth Husted, The University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand and Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK and LUT University, Finland


How management control systems enable and constrain integrated thinking

Ruth Dimes, Charl de Villiers

17 September 2020

Economics of well-being

The Future of the Company

Reimagining the Company in Aotearoa New Zealand

Susan Watson, Lynn Buckley, Billie Lythberg, Jamie Newth, Carla Houkamau, Christine Woods. New Zealand Universities Law Review

3 June 2023

Reimagining the Corporate Entity for Aotearoa New Zealand

Susan Watson, Carla Houkamau, Billie Lythberg, Jamie Newth, Christine Woods

1 May 2023

Can the Modern Corporation Operate Sustainably?

Susan Watson, Chapter 9 in Beate Sjåfjell, Carol Liao and Aikaterini Argyrou (eds), Innovating Business for Sustainability: Regulatory Approaches in the Anthropocene (Edward Elgar Publishing). 

14 January 2022

Indigenous Economic Futures

Māori Perspectives on Conscious Capitalism

Dell, K., Houkamau, C., Mika, J., Newth, J. (2022). Māori Perspectives on Conscious Capitalism. In: Dion, M., Pava, M. (eds). The Spirit of Conscious Capitalism. Ethical Economy, vol 63. Springer, Cham.

21 October 2022

Māori Perspectives on Conscious Capitalism

Jason Mika, Kiri Dell, Jamie Newth, Carla Houkamau

16 February 2022

Engaging complexity theory to explore partnership structures: Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi as a structural attractor for social innovation in Aotearoa-New Zealand. 

Lythberg, B., Newth, J., & Woods, C. Social Enterprise Journal, 18(2), 271-287.


Impact Enterprise and Impact Capital

Resistance to social entrepreneurship: How context shapes innovation 

Newth, J., & Woods, C. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 5(2), 192-213.


Social enterprise innovation in context: Stakeholder influence through contestation 

Newth, J. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 6(4), 369-399.


Emancipatory Indigenous social innovation: Shifting power through culture and technology

Henry, E., Newth, J., & Spiller, C. Journal of Management & Organization, 23(6), 786-802.


Inclusive and Sustainable Management and Governance

Enablers and barriers: The conflicting role of institutional logics in business model change for sustainability

Olesson, E., Nenonen, S., & Newth, J. Organization & Environment, 10860266231155210.

1 January 2023

Responsible Leadership in Corporate Governance: An Integrative Approach

Monique Cikaliuk, Ljiljana Eraković, Brad Jackson, Chris Noonan and Susan Watson 

31 October 2022

Board Leadership and Governance for Clear-Sighted CEO Succession at Air New Zealand

Monique Cikaliuk, Ljiljana Eraković, Brad Jackson, Chris Noonan and Susan Watson 

11 July 2022

COVID-19 Governance Challenges: The Board’s Role in COVID-19 Crisis Management

Benson-Rea, M., Eraković, L., & Watson, S. M. 

15 January 2021

Corporate Governance and Leadership: The Board as the Nexus of Leadership-in-Governance

Monique Cikaliuk, Ljiljana Eraković, Brad Jackson, Chris Noonan and Susan Watson

22 July 2020