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International workshop on the History of Business Law

6 February 2024

Researchers from around the world, including the Dean of the Business School, Professor Susan Watson, shared their work on the History of Business Law and Governance at the Monash University Law Chambers in January.

Can money really buy happiness in New Zealand?

8 October 2023

University of Auckland Economics Professor Robert MacCulloch explores one of the most controversial topics in economics: the relationship between money and happiness.

Financial watchdog appoints academic for second term

25 August 2023

University of Auckland Macroeconomics Professor Prasanna Gai’s reappointment to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Board underscores the importance of economic expertise in navigating a rapidly changing financial landscape.

How happiness should and does influence our money decisions

July 11 2023

University of Auckland Economics Professor Robert MacCulloch’s research in the area of “happiness economics” investigates whether the most wealthy people are also the happiest.

Kānuka products a potential boon for Māori landowners

30 June 2023

University of Auckland researchers are using their expertise to turn kānuka into gourmet products, helping to benefit Māori landowners in Tairāwhiti.

A year of empowering enterprising women

18 April 2023

The University of Auckland Business School’s Aotearoa Centre for Enterprising Women recently marked one year of empowering women to become successful entrepreneurs.

Why the Māori way of doing the business actually does the business

10 February 2023

Māori companies work hard to balance people, planet and profit by prioritising values such as kaitiakitanga, whānaungatanga and manaakitanga, explains Associate Professor Rachel Maunganui Wolfgramm.

Maori perspectives on conscious capitalism - Carla Houkamau

Māori perspectives extend notion of conscious capitalism

8 February 2023

University of Auckland Business School academics Carla Houkamau, Jamie Newth and Kiri Dell, together with Jason Mika of the University of Waikato, are exploring how a Māori theory of value could develop a more sustainable and inclusive approach to business.

Finland points way for NZ to reap benefits of increasing innovation performance

21 January 2023

What can we learn from the success of Finland and other small innovative countries? Rod McNaughton, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Business School, explores how New Zealand can increase innovation and boost economic and social well-being.

How companies can play the longer game

31 October 2023

Separating the focus of boards from the interests of current shareholders, and the idea that the current shareholders own the company, enables companies to play a long-term game, says Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the University of Auckland Business School.

multi-million dollar fund supports circular economy - Julia Fehrer

Multimillion-dollar fund supports circular plastics economy

30 September 2022

The 2022 Endeavour Fund awarded University of Auckland researchers $11.7 million to investigate novel ways to shape a sustainable circular plastics market. 

New insights into the making of the modern company revealed

25 July 2022

A book by Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, explores the key features of a modern company and the idea that companies can, and must, think beyond current shareholders.

new insights into modern company - Susan Watson

Professor Susan Watson joins the editorial board for the new ECGI Blog

9 February 2022

The Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, Professor Susan Watson, has joined a Blog platform launched by the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). 

All round benefits of NZ adopting a circular economy

1 December 2021

A circular economy provides a new model for sustaining human well-being within planetary boundaries and opportunities to improve competitiveness and economic resilience, explains Chemical and Materials Engineering Associate Professor Saeid Baroutian.

No good governance without diversity

8 March 2021

Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, challenges business leaders to establish and maintain a culture where diversity – including gender – is recognised as a critical feature of good governance.

The economics of happiness and well-being

17 February 2021

New Zealanders’ relative happiness is fragile, suggests University of Auckland Economics Professor Robert MacCulloch, a world expert on the economics of happiness.

Why GDP growth doesn’t make people happier

29 November 2019

A pioneering economist spoke at the University of Auckland Business School about questioning the dominance of GDP growth as the measure of social progress.

Corporate citizens and recognising the value of workers

6 August 2019

Are corporations people, are they comprised of people, or are they separate from people? Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the University of Auckland Business School, investigates.

Tech giants could risk all on exposed Achilles heel

28 March 2019

Professor Susan Watson, Dean of the University of Auckland’s Business School, explores a key weakness of Big Tech.